In-Home Healthcare by From the Heart Home Care caregiver

Home healthcare is the individual care that is provided by the professionally trained caregiver to the client at home instead of a healthcare facility – such as a nursing home or daycare center.

Home care or in-home care saves the expenses and offers satisfaction to the people who hire a caregiver as they don’t have to pay extra charges and daily visits at healthcare facilities.

Clients seeking the services of home care for themself or their loved ones can get the best care by paying much less as compared to the stay at hospitals or nursing homes. Home care services are usually taken for the elderly, bed-ridden, physically disabled, or mentally disturbed people who can’t be kept at another place satisfactorily.

Thus, From the Heart Home Care’s caregivers are committed to offering the best services in town to provide an excellent level of in-home care to your loved ones.

What services do in-home care providers offer?

No matter if you are hiring a caregiver for yourself or the family member, you must be needing the devotion and up-to-the-mark care. Hospitals, nursing homes, and daycare centers are not the choice of most people when there is a matter of their people.

Depending upon the condition and present situation of the patient, services that are offered by service providers are limitless. Sick, injured, abnormal, disabled, or bed-ridden patients are requiring a different kind of services.

All those types of home care services are being offered by From the Heart Home Care and all of them have been explained briefly:

  1. Physical or occupational services

Some individuals are completely dependent on others and can’t even perform minor routine activities on their own. A caregiver is the best option for managing all these routine activities.

Some clients may be needing physiotherapy or speech therapy to improve their physical condition and speaking abilities. A well-trained and professionally skilled caregiver can provide these facilities to the individual.

Occupational therapy is needed for some people to maintain their physical, social, and developmental activities and these services are offered by the caregivers trained by our company.

  • Basic in-home assistance

If the individual who is seeking at-home services is dependent on others for the basic needs, they must be needing the 24 hours assistance to carry out the routine activities.

Eating, drinking, bathing, toileting, and dressing are some of these needs that can’t be carried out without assistance if the individual is bedridden or physically disabled.

Sometimes, elderly people with Alzheimer’s disease are also considered mentally abnormal as they don’t remember anything when the disease reaches a certain stage. Such people act like kids who don’t know how to do even the most basic things.

Caregivers are well trained to handle people with such conditions and they can handle them in a much better way as compared to the regular family members. A family member who is aimed to look after the patient with such disturbed mental condition may lose his temper at some stage or may not be able to find the full-time for their governance, so in this case, a professionally skilled caregiver can be the best option to go for.

  • Personal care services

Personal care involves the personality-oriented care of an individual who is unable to do this on his own. Personal care services are the ultimate option to offer the best care if the family members are unable to cope with the condition or have time-management issues.

Taking bath, going to the washroom, changing the clothes, changing the bedsheets, brushing of teeth, looking after the bedsores, and preventing these sores are some basic services that are included in personal care.

Our well-trained caregivers are best in providing all these personal services with devotion and responsibility. You don’t need to send your loved ones to a nursing home or elderly care center for fulfilling the basic needs of the individuals that may prove to be tough for the family members.

Care of elderly people is a time taking task. They may not be cooperating all the time; they may not recognize you if they are having dementia and hence act childishly.

Normal people may not have much stamina to handle them gently and delicately as a professionally skilled caregiver can do.

  • Recreational services

Staying at home all the time for a longer duration is a difficult thing to bear especially for the seniors or physically disabled persons who are more vulnerable to psychological issues as compared to young and healthy individuals.

Recreational services are offered by our caregivers that may include outings, visits to the relatives to whom they want, visit the parks or shopping centers, playing some kind of games, and several other recreational activities.

Occasionally performed activities of this kind have a better effect on the physical and mental health of the individual.

  • Housekeeping services

Another important and basic category among at-home services includes housekeeping services. Housekeeping involves the following niches:

  • Cooking the meals for an individual – may be regular meals or special diet
  • Doing grocery for kitchen
  • Washing the clothes
  • Cleaning the home or only the room of an individual seeking in-home care services

All these services we are aimed to provide in the best possible way to make your loved ones comfortable in their life.

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