Home Care Instead of Hospital Care
Home Care Instead of Hospital Care
Home Care Instead of Hospital Care

In-home care is the care that is provided to seniors and those with disabilities while staying at home. In-home or at-home care to the sick, elderly, and aged individuals may be provided by any family member or a professional caregiver.

With the availability of home care services in the present era, there is no need to transfer the individual to the health care facility or a daycare center. In case of dementia or physical disabilities, seniors or even the younger individuals are unable to carry the routine activities on their own. Permanent assistance with standard care giving becomes mandatory in such situations.

In-home care by From the Heart Home Care offers the facility of care giving by professionally expert and well-trained caregivers.

Coronavirus and In-home Care

With the outbreak of COVID-19 since March 2019, an alarming situation has been observed everywhere in the world. Being a viral disease, COVID-19 has the potential to spread from one person to another by physical contact.

The elderly are at a greater risk of getting affected by coronavirus disease. Viral diseases can’t be cured by the use of antibiotics or any other treatments except vaccine or anti-viral drugs.

As there is no proved treatment until now, although there is some progress regarding the vaccine for COVID-19, only abstinence from the virus is the only solution for being safe. Hospitals or healthcare centers are at a greater risk of spreading the COVID-19 infection as there are the patients who are a prime source of infection.

In these deadly situations from which most of the world is experiencing nowadays, how can you send your loved ones to the hospitals for the sake of better care? With the increase in age, the immune system of seniors is declined to make them unable to cope with the infections that are fought by the immune system.

If someone is sick, bed-ridden, physically disabled, or mentally unstable, they can’t survive without any assistance – either of a family member or a professional caregiver. Homes are the safest places to avoid a corona infection and so it’s better to provide the seniors with in-home care by hiring an expert and trained caregiver.

We provide the caregivers – that we chose very carefully – with the proper training to teach all the required skills for the best home care service. Physical assistance that is required by the elderly can’t be avoided in any case as it’s mandatory to continue their routine activities.

What do we offer?

In COVID-19 situations, caregivers by From the Heart Home Care are committed to providing the following facilities to your loved ones residing at home:

  1. Personal care:

Personal care is the basic requirement of the aged, bed-ridden, or sick individuals especially if they are seniors. Mental issues are a normal dilemma of old age and most often it’s dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Additionally, if an individual has Parkinson’s disease or physical disability, they are dependent on others for their basic needs.

They need assistance in their routine activities such as eating, drinking, going to the washroom, changing clothes, lifting from bed, or even changing the side while sleeping.

All these services are provided by a caregiver. As physical touch is unavoidable for all this assistance, you cant leave your loved ones in the healthcare or daycare center for their care.

There are more chances of getting infected in a healthcare center or elderly daycare center. A home-care service can serve the individual most hygienically following all the necessary precautions.

  • Companionship:

Being lonely in old age is the worst thing to bear. And sometimes it aids in the worsening of several mental conditions, such as dementia or forgetfulness.

 An in-home care provider proves to be the best companion and it lessens the worries and stress of the elderly.

Family members have a lot of things to do other than take care of the senior person. They may not find the proper time to look after them in the best possible way.

In these situations, it’s always better to have a permanent caregiver to live with the seniors and provide them the assistance that they deserve.

  • Nursing facilities

If an individual – young or elderly – is sick, bed-ridden, physically disabled, or mentally retarded, he is requiring full-time nursing care. In case of accidents or some other wounds, a proper wound dressing is a must-do thing.

Other than that, frequent injections, blood pressure or diabetes maintenance by medication or diet, and other nursing care provision with all the necessary precautions to avoid the COVID-19 infection is the aim of our services.

  • Housekeeping:

Seniors have more chances to get infected by COVID-19 as compared to a young person because of the weak immunity with the increase in age. Moreover, after getting infected, younger people have more potential to recover than aged individuals.

So, to prevent the chances of getting your aged individuals infected by letting them in close contact with the maids or housekeepers that may not be so vigilant regarding precautionary measures for COVID-19 is not a good option. Our trained and medical-oriented caregivers are much more aware and vigilant towards sanitizing and prevention than the normal housekeepers.

Laundry, meal preparation, changing clothes, changing of bedsheets and several other things are being covered by the housekeeping services.

Our professionally trained and highly qualified caregivers can offer you the best care for your loved ones following all the necessary precautions to stay safe from the coronavirus disease.

A disease can only be avoided if you are well aware of the method of prevention and that what we are committed to.

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