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Portrait of friendly caregiver posing with elderly ill woman wearing surgical mask because of covid-19 pandemic

Looking after the elderly by keeping them at home is a thing that requires much attention. Taking care of the people who reach a certain age – most cases above 55 – can not be taken as a casual routine activity.

Elderly people need special care and plenty of time to stay healthy. Some people prefer to keep their seniors at elderly daycare centers or hospitals for better care because of their tough life and other responsibilities.

But obviously, that is not the best solution as the best care can be provided to your loved ones at home instead of a center. You can do this on your own or you have the option to hire a professionally trained caregiver for the care of your loved ones.

Why do elderly people need special care?

There are a lot of physical and physiological changes that take place in the body when your age is progressing towards seniority.

Some factors have been mentioned below:

  • The metabolic system slows down
  • The functionality of the liver, kidneys, and GIT alters as compared to younger people
  • Brain functions are declined with the increase in age that may result in Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease.
  • They start acting childish because of the changes occurring in normal behavioral changes
  • Bone density is varied with an increase in age – if there are nutritional problems – and hence bones can be broken easily
  • Disc slip is also a major issue of elderly people if they don’t care for themselves
  • Dementia or forgetfulness is one of the major problems that seniors have to face after a certain age.
  • Memory loss is associated with several other factors such as a change in behavioral patterns, irritation, attention-seeking, cognitive issues, etc.
  • Insomnia is the most discussed issue of elderly people. With the increasing age, sleep goes on decreasing and it affects mood and normal behavior.
  • As the movements become a bit difficult, they start facing loneliness while not meeting the normal routine of their young family members.
  • Cardiac issues, blood pressure, indigestion, and diabetes are the problems that become part of their normal life.

All these factors need special care to be provided for keeping their life near to normal. In today’s world of great hustle and bustle, time management for full-time care of your aged loved ones becomes difficult.

So, every problem has a solution. Why worry about the care of seniors while keeping them at home in front of your eyes without any neglect when you have a lot of facilities for at-home care. From the heart home care is also committed to providing the best in-home care via well-trained and medically specialized caregivers.

How can elderly people be served at-home?

According to the above-mentioned problems that the elderly people have to face with the advancement in age, here are the services that can be provided to take care of them properly:

  1. Routine activities

Because of the physiological problems or physical disabilities, being bed-ridden, or mentally impaired, elderly people may not be able to move on their own.

When they can’t move or don’t perform the daily activities by themselves, they need full-time assistance from a caregiver. A well-trained and responsible caregiver can help them fulfill their routine activities in the best possible way without any admittance to the hospital or daycare center.

Routine activities may involve eating, drinking, walking, lifting from bed, moving outside the home, and several other activities.

  • Personal needs

When a person is going through a certain age period, he is not able to meet his personal needs by himself. Personal care may involve bathing, toileting, changing clothes, changing bed sheets, personal hygiene, etc.

A caregiver who is aimed to serve the individuals round the clock can easily and happily manage all these responsibilities. Although family members can also do this for their loved ones, with a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders, it becomes difficult to carry on all this on daily basis.

People with dementia need special care as they don’t even remember eating, drinking, or even sleeping. They don’t recognize the faces of their children at a certain stage of their disease.

In this situation, a psychologically trained caregiver can handle them in the best way to keep them away from the reasons that can worsen the disease. When an individual is bed-ridden, he is not even able to change the side while lying on the bed.

Staying with them all the time and looking after them with full devotion is the thing we are aimed to do for your loved ones and that is the beauty of at-home care. You don’t need to be worried about the condition of your seniors and the level of care that has been provided to them when they are under the same roof as you.

At-home care with the help of a caregiver also saves your money and regular visits to keep the check on the condition of your seniors.

  • Recreational and nursing facilities

Our caregivers are chosen carefully after detailed interviews and by an exceptional method of selection. They are then trained according to the requirements of in-home care and training includes not only routine wise but also the medical and nursing point of view.

Elderly people are normally using a lot of medicines, such as that for arthritis, blood pressure, insomnia, or sometimes diabetes. Careful monitoring of all these medications is necessary to avoid the overdose or misuse of medicine.

A medically trained professional can keep the check, more vigilantly as compared to a family member or a random caregiver with no medical knowledge.

Wound dressing, injecting, or providing several other nursing services can be best provided by seeking the help of a skilled caregiver as that is a matter of health and not a routine activity.

Recreational activities such as park visits, going to market, or visiting a relative are all the services that are provided by the at-home caregivers by From the Heart Home Care.

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