The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has dramatically impacted the lifestyle of people. The difference between life prior to the pandemic and life after it cannot be ignored even if we wanted to.

Undoubtedly, you might have been the prisoner of the pandemic, too, because each and every individual is restricted to stay in their homes no matter what. With the rules and restrictions becoming more and more uncompromising with each passing day, it is an uphill task to go out for anything.

You might expect the health care services to be unbothered. But the truth is that the pandemic has caused a significant shift in services. The demand for home health care has been tremendously increasing, and it is expected to increase more.

In fact, it has nearly replaced the traditional method of treatment and triage.

Emergence Of Digital Triage

As triage is the basic and fundamental treatment process of the patients, it has been done physically before the pandemic. But that’s where things have been changed, and there is a higher emergence of digital triage.

As people cannot go and visit the doctor more frequently, and it is impossible for the doctor to visit the patient daily, there has been a sudden need for digital and virtual treatment.

It is not surprising that the digital method is being preferred because it has been in

discussion for the past decade, and now is the proper time to implement all the strategies made in the previous years.

If we talk about the methods of digital triage, it can be observed that health care centres have constructed applications and websites that can be accessed easily from homes. People can make inquiries, schedule appointments, order medicines, and can interact with the health care workers in order to maintain their health status themselves.

What Kind Of Services Are Provided?

If you are curious about finding out the service details and the models of services, it can be noted that the doctors and nurses are trying their best to an extreme extent, and they are striving hard to ensure the health quality overall.

In this regard, these services have been seen in action in the period of a pandemic:

Urgent Care Services

Urgent home health care services are being provided to patients who have a sudden need for an emergency. As the symptoms of the COVID-19 virus vary from person to person, people often render the symptoms unnoticed. And that is where the problem arises, and a sudden breakdown in health is faced by the people.

In order to prevent the situation from worsening, health care workers have been providing urgent care services to the people, and it can be proudly said that the centers are doing the best they can.

Maintenance Of Behavioral Health

Behavior accounts in a considerable manner in maintaining health care, especially when it comes to following the general SOP’s.

The health care workers are monitoring the situation of the patients and the possible patients to ensure that they are following strict SOP’s and are maintaining distance from people.

Unfortunately, most people are ridiculing the SOP’s, and it is resulting in the increase of patients. That is why it is more than necessary to keep the behavior of the patients in check.

24/7 Around The Clock Care

The best part of the triage nowadays is that patients are provided with medical and health care facilities 24/7 and round the clock. It is because a constant need for evaluation and checking is needed.

There can be many possible diseases and emergencies at any moment. Thus, the medical centers are providing their facilities every hour of the day, so no patient is left untreated.

Points To Consider While Visiting Homes

Firstly, it is restricted to make useless contact, and even if it comes to medical and health care, it is advised to try and solve the problem without physical contact. But still, if the situation of the patient is not becoming better at any moment, the doctor can visit the home of the patient if it is advised.

Identify The Reason Of Visiting

Identifying the reason for the visit is fundamental because if there is no strict and plausible reason, then it is advised to keep the triage at a distance or bring the patient to the hospital.

Follow The Primitive Guidelines

In every medical center, a protocol is followed. It is advised that the patient and the doctor follow the basic protocol and guidelines while visiting at home.

Washing Hands Prior Visit

Even though it is basic and everyone is well aware of this procedure and need, there is still reassurance necessary to make sure that this step is not skipped no matter what.

Maintaining Distance

It is advised that the doctor keeps a minimum of the two-meter distance between the patient and the family of the patient. If there is a need to come closer, strict SOP’s are needed to be followed.

Minimizing Contact

Minimizing the contact made between the patient and the doctor is crucial. On the other hand, it must also be noted that the doctor does not touch the items in the house with bare hands.

Mutual Understanding Of Patient & Doctor

In these horrific situations, only these health care workers, nurses, and patients have brought light to maintain faith in betterment. With the increase of home health care, the bond between the patient and the doctor has been greatly intensified.

Patients are listening to the doctor more carefully and are quick to heed their instructions. At the same time, by making home visits, doctors understand their patients on a whole new level. The mutual understanding is worth appreciating.

What Does The Future Hold?

We might not be sure when the situation is going to improve, and there is no estimation on when the virus will disappear. But there is one thing that is definite, and it is the loyalty of the medical care providers. No matter what happens or how the situation worsens, these people, in the collaboration of WHO, will always be there to make sure you stay alive and healthy.

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