Caregiver helping a man with Alzhiemers
Caregiver helping a man with Alzhiemers
Health care worker helping an elderly man

Alzheimer’s disease is not a physical disability that can be covered by simple in-home services. It’s a brain disorder that affects the part of the human brain that is concerned with memory formation and recognition. 

Alzheimer’s patients require the services of skilled persons to deal with them in the best possible way, lovingly and delicately.

Mood disorders and cognitive issues are the major complaints in Alzheimer’s disease and these issues can only be handled by a professionally trained caregiver and excellent patient care planning.

From the Heart Home Care offers the in-home care for Alzheimer’s patients. In this way, you can better take care of your loving ones by abstaining from getting them admitted to the hospital.

Although it seems that taking care of your elderly with dementia is not so tiring and you can do it easily at home, yet it’s not a matter of fun.

Taking care of patients who have Alzheimer’s disease proves to be shattering just after some time. Memory loss is a major complaint that is associated with Alzheimer’s and it disrupts the daily level, also affecting the thinking and reasoning of a person.

To understand well that why do you need a caregiver -who can serve with all his heart – for your loving ones suffering from dementia, you must know that how can the disease can be troublesome. 

What is Alzheimer’s and dementia?

Alzheimer’s disease is not the synonymous word for dementia. Alzheimer’s can be a cause of dementia although many other underlying causes can add to dementia.

Dementia – also referred to as forgetfulness – is a more generalized term in which the memory is declined. 

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disease and a special type of dementia that can attack any age group and not specifically old age-related.

No specific underlying cause is currently known for Alzheimer’s disease although brain changes, environmental factors, or genetic causes can lead to Alzheimer’s disease. 

What are the complications of Alzheimer’s disease?

Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease is not a kind of physical disability. It targets the memory of the person. 

Partial loss of memory can even be worsened and lead to the following complications that need a full-time governess for an elderly:

  • Confusion 
  • Serious memory loss
  • Learning disability
  • Change in behavioral pattern
  • Disorientation 
  • Mood disorders
  • Recognition problems
  • Difficult speaking or walking

Most of these signs and symptoms are obvious in patients with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia at early or later stages. Your old parents often fail to recognize you if they are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

They start acting childish as they often forget either they have eaten something or not? So, in-home care is a must-do thing to look after them more properly.

How can a caregiver serve by an in-home service?

Home care service that is offered by From the Heart Home Care is aimed to serve your loving ones while living with you in the same home.

No matter if elderlies are having dementia or not, they often become childish when they reach a specific age. When they are suffering from a disease that is affecting their memory, their recognition, and their mood, they can often become more irritated.

They don’t remember either they have taken their meals or not. They face difficulty in walking, speaking, and even swallowing. 

So, in these situations, you can not stick to them leaving all your activities behind as they need a 24 hours service to cope with the challenges they face in dementia. 

Although hospitalization is also an option it is not a healthy option as it may cause more difficulties. 

With the increasing age and worsening of Alzheimer’s disease, adapting to the changing environments often becomes more difficult. If you want them to get admitted to the hospital for proper care and treatment, it may add to the worsening of the disease.

Living with their loving ones is the best option for them to stay safe and less irritated. Our caregivers are professionally trained and work by heart to serve your loving ones.

A full-time service with an excellent level of care is the aim of From the Heart Home Care in-home care and we are committed to doing this. 

How do we serve?

Alzheimer’s patients start forgetting the names, faces, relations, and all other routine activities. With such a mental condition, adherence to routine life becomes impossible without any assistance.

We aim to provide that assistance by an in-home service to serve your loving ones by keeping them with you instead of a specific environment of the hospital.

Older people often get irritated when surrounded by doctors, nurses, or staff members in a peculiar atmosphere.

Specifically, when they are facing mood disorders as a symptom of Alzheimer’s disease, it’s even more problematic to hospitalize them.  

Thus, to avoid the worsening of behavioral problems, being at home with their loving ones is the best option to control or manage the illness. Our well-trained and caregivers can serve in the following ways by an in-home service;

  • Companionship 

Loneliness is the problem that an elderly most often faces and it can also worsen the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

An in-home caregiver can help in the supervision of elderly with Alzheimer’s disease, recreational activities and can help them make the visits to certain places that leave a good impact on their mood.

  • Offer personal care

Alzheimer’s disease hinders daily activities and an Alzheimer’s patient fully or partially becomes dependent on others.

A caregiver from our homecare service will help your loving ones in performing their routine activities and personal care such as bathing, eating, drinking, dressing, toileting, etc.

  • Housekeeping services

We have well-mannered, well-behaved, and well-trained caregivers that serve your loving ones in the best possible way. We offer you the housekeeping services such as grocery, washing, cooking, etc. for your Alzheimer’s patients.

  • Nursing services

From the Heart Home Care offers you a complete package for your loving ones with Alzheimer’s disease. 

Our expert caregivers can proficiently provide nursing services such as injecting, wound dressing, giving medication, and other physiotherapy related services.

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