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If you are providing at-home care for a loved one who is bedridden and incontinent, you may be required to change adult diapers. Changing diapers correctly is essential because it helps prevent skin infections and perineal dermatitis. In this article, we will discuss how to change diaper in adults.

Prolonged contact with urine and feces can be detrimental to the skin, causing tissue breakdown and encouraging the development of decubitus ulcers (bedsores). In addition to keeping the skin clean and clear of infection, a correctly fitting adult diaper reduces abrasion, leading to the development of these difficult-to-treat sores.

Your first experience with changing an adult diaper may be uncomfortable and even frightening, but there are ways you and your loved one can make the process more manageable.

What You Will Need while Diaper changing of an adult

If you are responsible for the diaper changing of your a loved one, you should have all the necessary items close to the bed so that you do not have to scramble when an accident occurs. These consist of the following:

  • Disposable medical gloves
  • A clean adult diaper
  • A plastic shopping bag (which may be collected at every grocery store visit).
  • Pre-moistened wipes, products like wet wipes and baby wipes (or a skin cleanser with disposable cloths)
  • Skin barrier protection cream

What is the diaper changing mat?

Before the invention of the diaper changing mat, changing diapers meant constantly making a mess. While an adult diaper is being changed, changing mats keep the surrounding area clean and prevent messes from spreading. Diaper changing mat often feature a quite plush surface to make the experience more pleasant for the adult.

What is the diaper changing table?

A little elevated platform specifically built to allow a person to change the diaper of another person is called a diaper changing table.

Five essential considerations while diaper changing

The following are five essential considerations while diaper changing.

  1. Ensure that you select the suitable diaper size.
  2. Ensure that all elastics and ruffles are facing away from the inner thigh crease.
  3. Secure the product at the waist region by attaching both upper tabs at a downward angle.
  4. Attach the two bottom invoices upward to form a buttocks cup.
  5. Consider a smaller size if the overlap of both tabs over the stomach area indicates that they are too large.
A step-by-step guide to changing an adult diaper

Following are some steps that how to change diaper of an adult

Wash your hands

Before beginning, it is essential to have clean hands since you do not want to transfer your germs to the patient. To protect your hands from body fluids, you should also wear disposable latex gloves (or vinyl if you or your patient is allergic to latex).

Have your supplies ready

You’ll also need a towel or disposable blue pad (commonly known as a chuck) to catch any waste and keep the sheets clean and wipes. Additionally, you will need a location to store the used diaper and a protective moisture barrier cream. The cream is intended to prevent the individual from dampness following a diaper change.

Undo the tape sides

Open the diaper’s side tabs. Roll the individual towards you gently. Fold the opposing side (backside) of the person as far as possible beneath the person. You are folding it under to make it simpler to extract in a moment. Wipe the individual’s front with a wipe traveling from show to back.

Roll the person over

Roll the individual away from you gently. Roll the individual away from you by placing your hands on their hips and shoulders. Roll the individual till he is entirely on his side and nearly on his stomach. Then, lay the towel or chuck under the individual’s rear to safeguard the bedding.

Wipe up what you can

Before moving the diaper, clean up what you can, especially if the individual has defecated. Try to remove as much as possible from the diaper before eliminating it.

Remove the diaper

For diaper changing pull the diaper from the front to the rear. Pull it through the individual’s legs toward their back, then fold it up to conceal the mess. Throw away the diaper. You may place it in a plastic shopping bag before throwing it out to reduce the odor.

  • After removing the diaper, remove your gloves and replace them with a new set.

Finish cleaning up

Use a clean wipe to complete wiping the individual. Ensure that the individual is fully clean before proceeding. You will know a person is neat when a wipe you use to wipe them is also clean.

  • Be sure to clean the individual with care, especially if they are older, because their skin may be more delicate.
  • Ensure that the individual is very clean as well.



Let the person air dry

One of the important steps of diaper changing is to let the place dry after removing the diaper. Once the individual is clean, let the affected area air-dry for a time. It would help if you kept a person’s diaper the same when wet.

Place the diaper underneath the person

Unfold a fresh diaper. Place the plastic side of the mattress down on the bed. If possible, push the far edge beneath the person’s side.

Add cream or powder

Apply barrier cream next. This will prevent the skin from deteriorating due to dampness. Apply a slight coating, paying specific attention to the buttocks.

Roll the person back

Pull the individual back towards you while rolling him on his diaper. Draw the diaper up between the legs.

Attach the tabs, which may be Velcro or glue, to the side panels

A well-fitted diaper will be tight without being uncomfortable. At least one finger should fit underneath the toe.

  • You may need to roll the individual slightly in the opposite direction to access the diaper beneath him.

Throw away the gloves

Remove the gloves after the diaper changing procedure so that their exteriors are facing inwards. Cast aside the gloves

Add a disposable bed liner

If desired, you may place a bed beneath the individual. Roll him in one direction to slip it under, then roll him in the other to get it completely under him. The liners will assist maintain a clean bed in the event of an accident.

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