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“For family caregivers and home care professionals the welfare of older people being cared for in their homes is an important and challenging priority.”

The psychological and physical well-being of those who look after their family members is equally important. That’s why, to facilitate primary caregivers, From The Heart Home Care also provides respite care services.

In-home respite care plans are tailored to relieve some of the pressure and responsibility of caregivers. Respite care may be ongoing, for example, a few hours a day or several days a week. It may also be a one-time situation, such as when a caregiver needs to go on business trip a week or two.


Below are a few of the major advantages of in-home care services.

  • Maintain Healthy Socialization

The lack of social interaction is one of the greatest issues many caretakers face in giving round-the-clock care for elderly family members. It’s easy to find yourself spending very little time with other people and more time in isolation. Social isolation may lead to loneliness and anxiety. It can also lead to bad self-esteem.

Home care services provide caregivers opportunity to reach out to friends and relatives for social development. With quality time from caring duties, these people can also take part in local events, travel abroad and live life outside their care-giving liabilities.

  • Improve personal health

When you devote all your time caring for someone else, you always ignore your own health and wellbeing.  With time, you may realize that your health has declined. You may not take a healthy diet or under-eat or over-eat. You may also have a cold and other common sicknesses due to a poorly maintained immune.

If you fail to take care of your own wellbeing, your probability of cardiovascular problems and infectious diseases will also rise dramatically.  Respite care services offer you with proper time to improve your own health by eating healthier, attending a medical appointment, and exercising regularly.

  • Keep A sense of identity

As a caretaker of a loved one, it’s normal to want the best for them. Even then, you should never have to give up your own life and personality to take care of someone else. If you always find yourself speaking regarding your loved one and your duties, you may already experience a loss of identity.

It is essential as a caretaker to find a balance between your caregiver responsibilities and your private life. Use respite services to your benefit by leaving the house, contacting relatives and friends, and attending community events. If you find it hard to do so, try attending group support discussions as well.

  • Reduce Confrontations

No matter how much you deeply care for your old people, aggressive confrontations can take place when two people spend too much time around each other. Everybody requires some time on their own and can benefit from communicating with other people. Getting a short break from your ageing loved one with the use of respite care services can offer you time for yourself, or time you can enjoy with your relatives or friends.

When you hire a respite care professional to take care of your loved one, you have the chance to release built-up pressure. Talking to other family members about the scenario can give comfort through outside support.

  • Steer Clear of Bad Habits

People tend to deal with stress in various ways. Some people probably smoke as an outlet for their thoughts, helping them to feel more relaxed when the pressure gets out of control. Some may drink beer, eat junk or start engaging in many other types of hazardous activities to handle their stress.

These kinds of bad habits can be prevented if the caregivers take a rest from their responsibilities to involve in healthier habits. Keeping a journal, learning a new skill, working out at a health club, or trying out a new hobby like cooking, can also be super comforting and a great way to refocus your brain.

Gain Support from Others

While you may feel obliged to take care of your aging family member on your own, but there is no need to take all the responsibilities on your shoulders. It’s all right to seek external help. By contacting in-home respite care providers, you can get the relaxation from the caregiving responsibilities that you deserve.

They will help bathe, dress, and feed your loved one. They can even talk to them and give them moral support. They can provide transportation for doctor’s visits as well as provide medication. Certified Respite Caregivers also provide social interaction and friendship outside of family members, which can also be beneficial and enjoyable.

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