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It can be challenging to decide how to support an older loved one during the challenging times when they are no longer physically capable of caring for themselves. How can you tell what is best for the elderly person in your life? You can choose more wisely if you are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of both home care and nursing facilities.

Home Care

Home care enables your loved one to be in their own home and is a more private choice. This is frequently the first option for many families because it is less disturbing for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s. There are various things you should consider before opting for home care.

Benefits of Home care:

  • Home care is cozy and familiar, allowing for a more intimate, one-on-one relationship with the carer.
  • Seniors don’t have to delegate routine duties to nursing home staff, allowing them to maintain as much of their independence as possible.
  • Compared to care received elsewhere, in-home care is frequently less expensive.

Nursing Homes

Many seniors eventually reach a point in their lives when they are just unable to take care of themselves. When that time comes, you should begin considering moving into a nursing home.

Benefits of nursing homes:

  1. A range of medical specialists frequently works in nursing homes. These experts can provide round-the-clock care for your loved one. They are capable of both medical and non-medical tasks.
  2. Nursing homes can be safe places for elderly people with dementia or Alzheimer’s who may be prone to wandering.

CONS of nursing homes:

  1. Nursing homes can make your loved one “feel” old and take away their independence. A nursing home, however, can be the best option if your loved one can no longer be trusted or kept safe by their freedom.
  2. Nursing homes require adjustment before a resident feels at “home,” which might be challenging for some elderly people. 
  3. Nursing home care is frequently highly expensive, especially for high-quality facilities. They can be noisy and feel foreign for a while.

The decision between a nursing home and home care is up to each individual and their family.

 Further details of home care and nursing homes are given below:

The benefits of in-home care over nursing homes

It’s normal for you to be concerned about how your parents will get along as they age. This is especially true as people age and deteriorate since they are more prone to accidents and injuries and are also more forgetful. The necessity for senior care becomes more obvious.

So, as a responsible son or daughter, you might wish to handle the issue on your own, but this is frequently impractical or impossible. So what can you do to ensure that your aging parents receive the care they require?

Historically, placing your senior loved one in a nursing facility has been the answer to this problem. Yet, more and more people are now choosing in-home care as an alternative. Increasingly individuals are becoming aware of the advantages of home care over placing aging parents in a nursing home.

Here are some reasons why:

  1. You can be certain that a carer who comes to your parent’s house will offer them the individualized care they require. Your parent will always be the caregiver’s primary concern. At nursing homes, where the elderly outnumber the carers in general, that is frequently not the case. As a result, they might have to “wait their turn” for the assistants’ attention.
  2. Also, your parents will feel more at ease being at home as opposed to going to a nursing home. No matter how homey the health aides try to make the nursing home feel, something just doesn’t feel “right” about it. Simply put, nothing can replace the coziness of a favorite couch or the view from a favored spot in the house. Furthermore, moving can be an extremely stressful process. Your parents can maintain these comfortable routines with in-home care.
  3. Studies have shown that seniors who live at home tend to live longer than those who are in nursing facilities. Also, compared to nursing home patients, those who live at home tend to be physically and mentally healthier.
  4. Home health care aids in the recovery process. Studies have shown that staying at home allows people to recover and mend more quickly and pleasantly than staying in a hospital or nursing home. Also, when a patient recovers at home, there is a lower likelihood that they would require hospital care once more.
  5. Home health aides can also tailor their services and care to your aging parent’s needs. To personalize what they can accomplish, they will take into account factors including if your parents have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. This contrasts sharply with the generalized “one size fits all” method used by the majority of carers in nursing homes. You are aware that not all older citizens require the same level of attention and care when you provide home care.
  6. Even if you request up to 8 hours per day of assistance, it can turn out that a nursing home is also significantly more expensive than home care. This is so that residents can live there, and nursing homes may also contain other specialized equipment that can be utilized to care for the elderly. But, it can imply that you’re spending money on goods and services that your parents don’t require.
  7. Your parents will be able to maintain the freedom and independence they are unwilling to give up with the help of a home carer. They can determine the rules and they can even go out when they wish to visit friends and mingle.
  8. This, however, might not be possible in nursing homes. Restrictive rules are common in nursing homes. And you can even be required to only visit your parents on particular days. You are welcome to visit your parents whenever you choose. They can also be driven by their carers to the store or friends’ houses.
  9. Your parents eat meals that they like at home as well. Large quantities of food may be prepared in nursing homes, and on some days, your parent may not like what they eat.

Hence, think twice about your options before attempting to persuade your elderly parents to move into a home. In-home care can end up being the ideal option for both you and your parents.

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