Loved One Spending Time with Senior In Home Care Agency
Loved One Spending Time with Loneliness in Seniors
Loved One Spending Time with Senior

More than one in three senior Americans call themselves lonely, adding up to their feelings of isolation especially during the holidays, geriatric professionals reiterate.

Loneliness prevails as a serious issue among the elderly adults, preventing them in living independently and as vibrant as possible, Dr. Sonja Rosen, Cedars-Sinai Medical Group chief of geriatric medicine, said. However, that should not be the case, she pointed out.

According to Rosen and her colleagues, loneliness is an issue that health care providers do not usually scrutinize when it comes to their senior patients. Likewise, the patients themselves do not raise them due to fears of getting embarrassed and pride.

With this, other family members can help alleviate their elderly loved ones’ loneliness by frequently visiting them, sharing stories with them, dining with them, and basically spending time with them.

Encouraging seniors to join local and accessible programs also aid in reconnecting them to the community. Religious centers, museums, libraries, exercise venues, and other facilities are best to tap, Rosen’s group at the Cedars-Sinai stated in a news release.

Geriatricians are also vital in this case, most especially since they can give expert medical advice and tips. In this way, elderly loved ones can get the best care they deserve. Likewise, with home care services and other professionals ready to help, they can also become more capable of living their life to the fullest.

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