Senior in Wheelchair

When you have an elder person in your home with limited immobility, it is a challenge to take care of them by yourself. A good home health care is the best option for both you and your aged parent or grandparent.

It is a well-known fact that a large percentage of the aged adult population suffers from some level of mobility issues. The mobility issues may come in different forms from a little balance issue making it difficult for them to walk around to total immobility keeping your elder relative confined to the bed or a wheelchair. 

In this case, the senior person is tied down to his wheelchair or confined in his bed almost the entire day unable to move or do his things by himself without help. Have a good elder care service take care of them, so that you are not burdened with the task of being with them the whole day attending to their needs.

Senior care services have well-trained professionals who are trained to offer great support and help with the home health care of seniors with limited mobility. With such home care assistance, you can provide the best form of care and attention to your loved ones even when they are unable to move about freely.

 When your loved one is aged and is cursed with immobility the eldercare service helps them to lead almost as normal life as possible, and there will be someone to call on them and lend that helping hand whenever your aged relative needs something or want to go to even restroom.

The 24-hour care at home is the right way to take care of your immobile aged relative safely and effectively, so that the elder person can spend his days in safety and  in a healthy way.

Your senior may be gradually moving into immobility over the past several years, or has recently met with an accident or a fall and sustained an injury or illness reducing their ability to move around by themselves.

It will limit their freedom of life drastically and will be depending on others for every one of their needs. When you provide them with the right home health care that takes care of senior care requirements, you help them to live independently. They can feel confident so and can deal with their limitations and maintain independence giving them back the highest quality of life they want to lead. This will also add to their safe and secure well being.

Here are some tips, for your immobile parent and elder care services provider, to help them deal with immobility issues safely and successfully helping them to live throughout their later years with care and attention:

• Know the real mobility issues they are facing: Before getting the right type of home health care for an immobile aged relative, you must realize the immobility issues they are facing. So far, you have been seeing your parents or grandparents as being strong, powerful, and capable of facing life’s challenges with grace in such a way to make you learn how you must look at your life. 

Now at this stage when your loved one is confined to his bed or wheelchair being unable to move about without help, it will be really difficult for you to acknowledge this bad situation.

But you must come to terms with the reality that your seniors are truly dealing with immobility and need constant help to pull on with their life now.

Take your time to bring yourself to the reality and accept the condition of your aged relative and enlist and enumerate the actual challenges they are facing. This will help you avoid pushing your immobile loved one too hard or fail to provide enough support and assistance for them by way of providing the right type of elder care or 24-hour care at home to them.

Be cautious and careful while handling them: When you are helping your aged relative to help them to move about. you need to be very attentive and careful in handling them as they are fully depending on your physical support to move. As you are not fully trained to handle such situations there is every chance that you may not be 100% capable of giving the right type of support to your elderly relative as a trained professional home healthcare person can do.

If you are not careful you may slip or lose your footing making both you and your elderly relative fall and get injured aggravating their health issues more. When you are about to move your aged relative there should not be any misunderstanding between both of you. You should let them know that you are going to move them and they have to cooperate with you and both of you work together to get them out of bed or walk them out of the shower without any mishaps.

To avoid all these delicate and dangerous situations it is better to call in a trained senior care service with 24-hour care at home so that their movements can be handled more safely and securely.

  • Why you need a home care service 

When life has changed for your parent and they are no longer able to walk, move out or drive and are forced to use a walker or remain in a wheelchair they lose their independence and become dependent on others. This loss of independence is upsetting for all concerned.

Though it is natural to expect some mobility issues with advancing age, as a family caregiver you may not be able to cope up with the demands of total immobility of your loved parent or a grandparent. As even simple activities take more time and coordination which you sometimes cannot afford due to your commitments and demands of your life and career the better options would be to choose a good home healthcare service with more focus on elder care with immobility issues.

Though, you will earnestly long to help your Mom or Dad from this helpless situation, it  not only brings a sense of gloom to the life of your loved one but also brings in many social, physical, and psychological consequences.

 Due to the immobility issue, your parent’s quality of life has taken a nosedive. They feel that they cannot go out by themselves they are not able to do even small chores that they have been doing all these years and they have become dependent on others to fulfill their small requirements.

They may feel to have become a recluse, and as they have to stay at home without the possibility of going out this thought alone will be enough for them to get depressed. The best solution for all these problems and to give back the lost life to your loved parent or grandparent is to provide them with 24-hour care in the home that can stay with them and give all the assistance they need to live a near-normal life again.

Factors that act on the Mobility of the elder persons

Certain factors can lead to immobility in the case of aged persons and some situations may make them completely confined to the bed. Some of the factors like 

  • Advancing age
  • Low or no physical activity
  • Obesity and complications arising out of being overweight
  • Loss of physical strength due to health issues or injury or surgery
  • Inability to maintain balance due to dementia or other cognitive impairments
  • Chronic diseases like diabetes or
  • Physical conditions like Arthritis or Osteoporosis that affect the health of joints and bones

Besides the above, mental conditions like depression, dementia, and prolonged hospital stay also will have a detrimental effect on the mobility of an aged person.

When a person remains immobile or has only limited mobility they face other health problems like incontinence, skin infections, and bedsores. To avoid these horrible situations it is always better to go for a home health care service to take care of your aged loved one as soon as the restrictions on mobility begin to set in before they worsen.

Most of the times, the mental condition of the patient has a remarkable effect on the physical condition of the person. Once good senior care takes care of the aged person in such a way that he is not having any opportunity to feel bad or worried about, his high mental condition will help heal the problems that are causing immobility. The constant care and attention the aged person gets will have a good effect on their overall health condition.

So, if your aged parent or grandparent is challenged with mobility issues do not burden 

yourself with the immense task of taking care of your aged relative and make them feel bad about being a burden to you.

Do them the big favor of arranging a good home health care service for them so that they can feel better, independent, and face life’s challenges in a better way even at their old age.

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