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It’s easy for older adults to enjoy life, especially if they receive thoughtful gifts like a fancy coffee maker, an easy-to-use gadget, or a cozy blanket – like a cozy blanket. In addition, older adults appreciate sentimental gifts, especially since they value doing things together with family and friends.

Long-term care residents, seniors in retirement communities, and family caregivers may not have space to store more items, so a budget of under $20 typically isn’t as restrictive as it can be. Besides, unless the stuff is sentimental or useful, they don’t have to carry too much extra stuff.


  1. Games & Crosswords Books

The Journals of Gerontology recently published a study on puzzle games like Sudoku and crosswords that suggest older adults play these games t

o keep their brains sharp. The fact that puzzles are time-consuming and enjoyable is another benefit, as it is easy to become engrossed in solving them.

Those who enjoy crosswords could use the “New York Times Monday Crosswords Omnibus” edited by Will Shorts, while Sudoku fans might enjoy “Munster Tons of Sudoku” by Charles Timmerman, which contains over 1,000 puzzles of various difficulty levels. If you like puzzles, consider mental games such as “3-in-1: Word Search, Crossword, and Sudoku” or “Lower Your Brain Age in Minutes a Day,” both produced by Brain Games.


  1. Putting together a Jigsaw

When completed as a family, jigsaw puzzles can provide hours of family time – just as crosswords and Sudoku do for yourself, but also when you get the chance to interact with your children. Choose one with a snowy scene or one with a theme that speaks to their interests. Give a “Starry Night” puzzle to an art lover or one with a picture of Position on the Italian coast to the world traveler.


  1. Subscriptions to magazines

Magazines are a well-known source of joy for older adults, and subscriptions are a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. Lightweight and ideal for frequent breaks, a subscription can provide a refreshing break from the daily routine. Reminisce, Smithsonian, and National Geographic are popular choices. Many magazines have large print sizes, such as Reader’s Digest and Guideposts; and most digital versions are available on e-readers like the Amazon Kindle where the reader can adjust the print size.

  1. An organizer for the nightstand

Many older adults are limited in their mobility, so a bedside organizer keeps their stuff close to hand. When it comes to getting organized, almost everyone would like to have everything within reach. You can store your remote, phone, water bottle and e-reader on it. It’s perfect between the bed frame and mattress.

  1. Walkie-talkie, wheel chair, or relator bag

It is not always easy for those with medical or mobility equipment to get up to get the TV remote, the phone, or a pen each time they need them. Plus, organizing their stuff with an organizer bag makes it easy for them when out and about, so they can put everything where they need it right where they need it. In addition to bags for walkers, wheelchairs, relators, and crutches, Vive also makes a variety of travel gear.

  1. Bath Gear with non-slip surface

In spite of the fact that shower mats are not the most fun gift in the world, they definitely show someone you care. The CDC reports that a quarter of Americans aged 65 and over fall every year, sometimes resulting in serious injuries. So consider a helpful for a nursing home, see what’s allowed with the facility. For a public shower, tub tread stickers work well. For a tub, tub tread stickers work well. If the recipient lives in a nursing home, check with the facility.

  1. Aromatherapy diffusers

An essential oil diffuser can provide a relaxing experience for aging adults, so if that older relative needs a little soothing calm, give him or her one on your gift list. This ultrasonic diffuser can double as a night light for late-night trips to the bathroom and fridge. Besides two misting modes and four timer modes, it has seven different LED light colors.

  1. Personalized Photo Creations

The idea of giving an older adult a picture-filled gift isn’t just about giving them a keepsake, but it’s something that is helpful, practical, and enhances their lives. Adding photographs to everyday items helps them remember their loved ones. Shutter fly allows you to create key chains, coffee mugs, acrylic tumblers, calendars and bags with their photos.

  1. It’s Nice to Have a Therapy Dog Visit

A therapy visit with a dog can be a precious experience. Dogs are capable of making people smile, even if they have a difficult personality. They can also make someone’s day happier when they can’t go to them themselves. In the midst of a pandemic, most senior care facilities have strict regulations on visitors, but they usually let therapy dogs and their handlers visit. So giving an older adult a visit from a pup is an ideal way to let them know they’re still loved, says the Alliance of Therapy Dogs.

It is vital that you contact the administrator of your loved one’s retirement community, assisted living community, or nursing home to get their approval for the activity. Afterward, you are encouraged to call the Alliance of Therapy Dogs or do an online search to find certified therapy dogs in your area. Most visits will be free, but if you have the means, you can also donate to the Alliance of Therapy Dogs or find out what one of the volunteers’ favorite animals charities is.

  1. A Video Conversation

People often feel less engaged in their communities as they age, whether because of retirement or incapacity. They often feel less connected to others. Interestingly, even though many people in retirement communities form new friendships, others pursue loneliness and disconnection. An estimated 50 percent of older adults report being lonely regularly, according to the Health Resources and Services Administration.


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