The Importance of Quality Post-Rehab Care Beaufort, SC Area

There will be a time in everyone’s experience when a loved one in the family requires hospitalization. When you have a loved on in the hospital, you know that your family member is in good hands. Of course you are concerned about your loved one’s condition, but you are assured that while your family member is in the hospital, there are medical staff on hand to take care of whatever your loved one needs as he or she rehabilitates in the hospital. It is great news when the condition of your loved one stabilizes, but that leads to the next stage of care: what will the home care look like when your loved one continues to rehabilitate at home? What will your loved one need in order to continue to recuperate and heal at home? This is when you should consider using a service that offers high quality post rehab care Beaufort, SC area.

The planning begins when you are informed of a target discharge date from the hospital. The post rehab care service can provide you advice and guidance on the discharge process. They can help you think about the kind of non-medical support that your loved one will need at home. They will also help you think about the kind of equipment that your loved one might need at home to support basic activities.

For example, will your loved one need mobility support? During the first few days after discharge from the hospital, a lot of support will probably be needed for basic things like getting up from the bed and going to the bathroom. What about getting up and moving to a chair to sit? Your loved one might require a wheelchair initially to get around the house. Support will be needed for that.

If the recuperation is going to be a slow process, your loved one will need support for a longer term. The post rehab service can provide your loved one with specially trained personnel who can be at home with your family member throughout the day for support.

Keep in mind that simple daily activities can be very challenging during recuperation. Things like eating and personal hygiene can be difficult. Getting dressed can also pose challenges. Your loved one will need someone to help them in many areas of personal care. So, someone needs to be at home all the time to provide this assistance.

Family members might try to provide this support in the beginning. Although this might be doable for the short-term, they quickly realize that the support is not sustainable. For one thing, the demand on the family’s time is very high. When a family member feels like they have to be at home all the time to support, it can become taxing on the family members. Another issue is that the family member might not know the correct way to assist. For example, if the loved one is healing from physical injuries, the family member has to know how to help the loved one get out of bed or move about safely without exacerbating the injuries. Assisting with personal hygiene can be challenging too, and sometimes it can be uncomfortable and awkward for both the patient and the family member.

Using a post rehab service from the start benefits both the patient and the family members. The trained staff is highly experienced in how to assist the patient the correct way, like the safest way to get out of bed in order to avoid injuries. They can provide a wide range of support including assistance with meal preparation and feeding, administering medication, providing transportation for your loved one to and from their doctor’s appointments, and much more. They follow the discharge orders and post-rehab care instructions provided by the hospital. The level of in-home support by caring staff is comprehensive and high in quality.

The in-home assistant relieves the family members of the demands of always needing to be there. This can reduce the stress that these demands can create on the family. Family members are happier, and this prevents any feeling of guilt that they might feel for not being there themselves to take care of their loved one. The family is less stressed, and the patient receives high quality care from experienced staff.

A lot of medical research supports the fact that when there is high quality post rehab care at home, the patient heals faster. Being in the familiariy and comfort of one’s own home is part of effective rehabilitation. The patient is in a better mindset and is happier, which contributes to the overall well-being. The important thing is to makes sure that you use a reputable service that offers post rehab care Beaufort, SC area. Then you will have peace of mind that your loved one will continue to receive high quality care at home.