Professional Hospice Care Services In Greenville, SC

Hospices offer a range of different care options, but it is not always necessary for you or your loved one to be booked into a hospice in order to receive treatment. Many terminally ill individuals often choose hospice care services at home in the last few weeks or months of their life since it is more familiar and comfortable. Many agencies like From The Heart Home Care, will facilitate these decisions when it’s safe for a patient.

What Is Hospice Home Care?

Home care references any of the services available from hospices or other types of care facilities or providers that visit the patient’s in their own homes to administer support and treatment. This often includes private-care companies, hospices, and community nurses.

From The Heart Home Care is an agency that sends caregivers to the home of a terminally ill patient to provide support, hands-on-care, and expertise when necessary. This may also include the decision to approach other specialists to include them in the care plan when needed. These specialists often suggest equipment and any other assistance to use in the home of the patient to improve the quality of care when a person is reaching the end of their life.

How Can Hospice Care Services Support You?

An agency like From The Heart Home Care LLC, based in Greenville, SC provides the necessary support for individuals that prefer to stay and home. This extends much wider and farther than most people think. Here is what you can expect from the system designed by From The Heart Home Care, LLC:

  • High-quality services are provided to families, patients, and providers.
  • Professionally trained and experienced caregivers are sent to the home of the patient. The caregivers visit the home of the client following a schedule that matches up to the exact needs of the family and the client.
  • The agency partners with the family and the patient to customize a care plan.
  • From The Heart Home Care serves families and clients with dignity and respect by always honoring and understanding the wishes of the client.

At From The Heart Home Care, they understand how important the correct end-of-life care is for both families and patients. Below are some of the benefits of choosing hospice care services in Greenville, SC:

  1. Home hospice services are offered in a familiar and comfortable setting.
  2. Your aging parent or loved one will receive the best care. When bringing in nursing assistants that are hospice certified, you are guaranteed that your spouse or loved one will receive care from the experts in this particular industry. These caregivers know how to care for patients that are terminally ill which eases end-of-life transitions.
  3. It offers more convenience for a terminally ill patient. Traveling often becomes difficult for a patient when they are reaching end-of-life. In-home hospice care offers a way for all the professional caregivers that are needed to come to the bedside of the patient to deliver the necessary treatment and care.
  4. The wishes of the patient are respected and taken into consideration through their last days. Hospice clinical teams are mostly focused on ensuring that their patients go through their end-of-life journey according to what the patient wants and needs.
  5. Care is customized and personalized for the patient. Since all patients are individual and unique, the care plan is crafted carefully according to the wishes of the patient and in some cases, the family.
  6. The terminally ill patient will be the only patient to attend to. There will be no other distractions, call lights, harsh bright light, or having to wait for assistance when deciding on home-based hospice services.
  7. There will be no pagers, loudspeakers, or beeping machines. The patients that choose to stay at home till they reach end-of-life can pass peacefully and naturally.
  8. Family members receive the training, support, and counseling needed. Caregivers not only focus on their patients but also their attention on the people that support and love the person that is about to reach end-of-life.
  9. Home hospice care services are also far more cost-effective when compared to a long-term hospital stay. Staying in a hospital for an extended period can end up costing a significant amount of money. Most families will find that in-home hospice services help to ease the financial stress that is often associated with end-of-life care.

The caring and dedicated medical team, chaplain, volunteers, and social worker not only work with the patient but also provide the support that a family needs during these difficult times. From The Heart Home Care, based in Greenville, SC is focused on individualized care that encourages quality-of-life for patients. This is achieved by the holistic approach that is taken when it comes to caring for the spirit, body, and mind of each patient.