The Important Benefits Of Companion Care In Greenville, SC

Many people know that proper nutrition, exercise, and healthy sleeping habits ensure health as we start to age. But not many people know that studies have shown that social interactions are a vital aspect of ensuring a healthy and long life.

Many adults will interact with many people during the course of a day that provides companionship. These include family members, friends, and coworkers. However, when it comes to seniors, these opportunities to socially engage, typically start to diminish. Seniors retire from their careers, their children often move away, spouses and friends pass away. Eventually, many elderly people become housebound when they fall ill or can no longer drive.

Seniors that live on their own will often experience a feeling of loneliness, and social isolation, which can cause a decline in their mood and health. Companionship is one of the important parts of successful senior care. Companions, such as caregivers not only provide help with tasks and activities such as personal care and housekeeping, but they also offer a meaningful and genuine human connection that can greatly improve the overall quality-of-life for many seniors. Below are important benefits that seniors can achieve with the right companionship.

  • Longer Lifespan

Recent studies have shown that elderly people that go through social isolation are at more of a risk of dying sooner than they should, regardless of any underlying health condition. Companionship offers seniors social connections that help to combat depression and isolation, which often impacts their well-being and overall health in a significant way.

  • Helps To Protect Against Dementia

Research has shown that when seniors are exposed to high levels of social interactions, the better most of them score when it comes to cognitive functioning. Studies state it can take just 10 minutes of having a conversation with someone to start improving memory, which provides a similar boost as participating in daily puzzles and games. A Swedish study also indicated that elderly people that are successful at maintaining genuine and meaningful relationships often exhibit lower risks of developing a condition like dementia.

  • Reduces Risks Of Heart Disease

Recent studies have discovered that seniors that suffer from social isolation or loneliness were around 29% more susceptible to developing heart disease, while 32% more susceptible to suffer from a stroke when compared to those that are socially engaged. These are statistics that are similar to obesity and smoking as a risk factor for coronary heart disease.

  • Peace Of Mind

As we start to age, many of us start losing mobility and physical strength, which can make it dangerous if we live on our own. Some seniors are also concerned about what can happen to them should they face an emergency.

Companionship offers older people feelings of security when there is another person around to ensure their safety when necessary. It also assures their family members that they are in safe hands.

  • Quicker Recovery

Neuroscientists suggest that regular companionship can help a patient to recover faster after surgery. Tests have shown that people that recover from a surgery that have companionship or friends closeby suffer from far lower inflammation levels and nerve-related pain, which aids the process of recovery.

Many seniors prefer to remain living in their homes, and when they can "age in place" this comes with many advantages. However, it is vital to ensure that your aging parent or loved one has enough social interactions, which is often difficult when they are living on their own. Deciding to hire a professional caregiver will help your aging parent with day-to-day activities and offer them enough social stimulation so that they can carry on living a happy and healthy life.

The Hourly Home Companion Care Program available through From The Heart Home Care allows your aging parent to manage their own schedule, which means this agency is available as soon as they are needed. These agencies create customized plans for their clients available 24-hours a day. The solutions on offer are cost-effective and provide value to their clients since they offer assistance only when needed.

Here are some of the benefits of using From The Heart Home Care:

  • Available 24-hours a day to fulfill clients needs
  • Fast and flexible scheduling
  • Consistent quality assurance
  • Professional and thorough family support and management
  • Professionally trained and highly experienced caregivers
  • Helpful, friendly, and professional office staff
  • Client acknowledgment and appreciation
  • A range of caregivers to choose from
  • Regular in-home care assessments

A team of helpful, professional, and efficient Client Care Managers is available 24-hours a day to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. They will also work alongside you to come up with the appropriate plan for your in-home care requirements. The team of Client Care Managers in Greenville, SC will also adjust your caring schedule according to the needs of your loved one.