The Benefits Of Cancer Care In Anderson, SC

During recovery or treatment at home, From The Heart Home Care makes life more bearable and easier for patients fighting cancer. This home-care agency provides many skilled and experienced caregivers that are immediately available to support cancer patients along with their families.

During chemotherapy, radiation treatments, or after surgery, a caregiver is often the best solution to provide companionship, monitor the patient, contact a nurse should an emergency arise, and to run errands. They also provide a way for family members to return home to get some rest, knowing that their loved one is in safe hands.

Cancer care often makes recovery and transition home more comfortable and easier. This enables oncology patients a way to focus their intentions on recovery. The caregivers at From The Heart Home Care can assist with meal preparation, light housework, helping with personal hygiene, dressing, and bathing, provide companionship, administer medication, assist with transportation from and to treatments and doctor’s appointments. A caregiver can promote recovery in the way of reducing depression, fatigue, and stress.

  • Errands And Transportation

Driving can become difficult for a loved one or your spouse while recovering or going through cancer treatments. Caregivers are often a great idea to transport the patient to rehabilitation appointments, ongoing treatments, shopping, or to a support group session. When your loved one is not feeling well enough to leave home, a caregiver can assist with running errands like collecting groceries, or medications from a pharmacy.

  • Meal Preparation And Nutrition

Caregivers have the training and experience to prepare balanced and nutritious meals. In most cases, people with cancer are not able to eat large meals. which is why a caregiver can encourage their clients to eat healthy snacks or smaller meals every few hours or to drink nutritional supplements and to keep hydrated.

  • Medication Assistance

Clients often take a range of medications after or during cancer treatments. Caregivers offer reminders on the medications that need to be taken.

  • Personal Hygiene And Light Housekeeping

During radiation treatments or chemotherapy, or directly after surgery, it is often difficult or in some cases impossible to accomplish day to day tasks that we used to with ease. At From The Heart Home Care, the safety and health of their clients is a top priority, which is why our professional caregivers provide a person with cancer with personal hygiene requirements and housekeeping. This often includes bathing and doing laundry. Experienced caregivers provide help to assist their clients to achieve their daily tasks, while also providing support and guidance on how to retain independence.

  • Rehabilitation Support

Sticking to prescribed physical therapy and maintaining a certain exercise level plays an important role when it comes to recovering after cancer treatments. Cancer care also includes providing support during often physically and emotionally draining activities. Caregivers also provide encouragement and ensure that their clients do not over-exert themselves.

With assistance from one of the caregivers at From Ther Heart Home Care, your aging parent or loved one will be able to better deal with personal care tasks such as walking, getting out of or into bed, dressing, and bathing. Some of the caregivers on this team are qualified and have special training to provide more complex and intensive services when supervised by registered nurses.

Other services such as light housekeeping such as preparing meals, laundry, and shopping are focused on helping clients to maintain their homes rather than providing health care. From The Heart Home Care assigns in-home caregivers for such tasks in addition to other services.

In-home care for cancer patients involves more than household care and personal care. From The Heart Home Care is here to guide you through the process of paperwork, helping you with personal-care, providing emotional support, and helping you get to doctor appointments or treatments.

Here are some of the top benefits of home care for cancer patients:

Improved management of medications and symptoms
Improved quality-of-life
Fewer delays in treatments
Reduces hospital stays, hospital visits, and waiting times
More economical when compared to hospital-based treatments

After covering some of the more obvious advantages of in-home care for cancer, it makes sense that these services are more accessible, flexible, safe, effective, economically sustainable, and safe. The prognosis and outcomes of most cancer patients that receive cancer care from home have improved significantly.

Patients that have cancer and receive care from home feel more motivated to stick to or adhere to a medication routine, and treatment plans. This consistency with care is vital for successful treatments. Home care services for cancer patients have become increasingly prevalent, and perhaps even the future when it comes to successful cancer care. From The Heart Home Care can help you to tailor a care plan to suit your current requirements and to offer you the support you need during this emotional and stressful time.